Time to nominate for the 2023 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science. Deadline January 30, 2023

Recent laureates

Robert E. Goodin, 2022

for his impressive work in which he “with acuity and success endeavored to blend political philosophy with empirical political science to increase the understanding of how decent and dignified societies can be shaped.”

David D. Laitin, 2021

for his “original and objective explanation of how politics shapes cultural strategies in heterogeneous societies.”

Peter J. Katzenstein, 2020

for “furthering the understanding of how history, culture, and norms shape economies, as well as national and global security policy.”

Margaret Levi, 2019

for “having laid the foundations of our understanding of why citizens accept state coercion, by combining theoretical acumen and historical knowledge.”

Jane Mansbridge, 2018

for “having shaped our understanding of democracy in its direct and representative forms, with incisiveness, deep commitment and feminist theory.”

Latest News

Commemorating 400 years of political science in Uppsala

On October 1, 2022 it is exactly 400 years since Johan Skytte, then vice-chancellor of Uppsala University, signed off a donation through which he founded the Johan Skytte Chair in Eloquence and Political Science. Today, the chair is the oldest, still surviving...

Robert E. Goodin is visiting Uppsala: attend his prize winner lecture

2022-09-27 by Michal Grahn Robert E. Goodin, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Social and Political theory at the Australian National University and the recipient of the 2022 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science will hold his prize winner lecture on...

Down-to-earth political philosophy in the service of progress  

2022-04-27 by Li Bennich-Björkman, illustration: Anna Illeby What runs and runs but never comes to the door? So went a Swedish riddle I heard as a child. The answer was “The clock.” But it could just as easily have been “Time.” Not only does it run relentlessly and...


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