2018-04-07 by Michal Smrek

The Skytte Foundation together with the Department of Government at Uppsala University would like to welcome you all to the ceremonial unveiling of a wall of fame dedicated to Johan Skytte Prize laureates. The wall will feature a portrait of every laureate since the commencement of the prize in 1995. The unveiling will take place at the Department of Government, Uppsala University on April 23, 2018.

The ceremonial unveiling of the portraits will be performed by Nils-Axel Mörner, patron of the Skytte Foundation that confers the prize. The unveiling of the portraits will be preceeded by three public lectures dedicated to Johan Skytte, the chair he founded and Johan Skytte Prize. The Swedish statesman Johan Skytte served as a chancellor of Uppsala University and founded what are now the oldest department and oldest professorship chair in political science, dating back to 1622. Johan Skytte Prize is inspired by the legacy of Johan Skytte and his commitment to improving higher learning in Sweden.

In the first lecture, David Lindén, author of the forthcoming biography of Johan Skytte, will talk about Johan Skytte’s contribution to political science and education in general. In the second lecture, Barbro Lewin, author of a biography of Johan Skytte professors, will talk about Johan Skytte’s successors’ contribution to political science and their involvement in public debates in Sweden. Finally, in the third lecture, Li Bennich-Björkman, the current holder of the Johan Skytte professorship, will talk about the Skytte Prize and its importance for today’s political science.
The lectures as well as the ceremony is open to everyone and particularly tailored to political-science students at the Department of Government as well as general public. The point is to bring the rich history of the Department of Government closer to Uppsala’s inhabitants as well as students.
The lectures will take place on April 23 starting at 15:00 and will be held in Brusewitz Hall, Department of Government. The unveiling ceremony will be followed by a reception with refreshments open to all attendees. Due to the limited capacity of Brusewitz Hall, a sign up is required. Please sign up by following this link.
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Information Officer and Master of Ceremonies, Michal Smrek, at michal@skytteprize.com.