2019-06-25 by Michal Smrek, photo collage by The New School

We are delighted to announce that the book Fulfilling Social and Economic Rights (OUP) authored by Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Terra Lawson-Remer and Susan Randolph, which benefitted from a Skytte Manuscript Workshop, was awarded the 2019 Award for Ideas Improving World Order.

The Grawemeyer Awards are five annual prizes given in the fields of music, political science, psychology, education and religion. The Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order is given to those who have taken on issues of world importance and presented viewpoints that could lead to a more just and peaceful world. Each idea supports one noble cause: to inspire us all to work together for the common good. The authors won the 2019 Prize for:

“[their] innovative framework designed to improve the ability of countries to expand human rights.”

The book also won the American Political Science Association’s Human Rights Section Best Book Award in 2016. We at the Foundation are proud that we have contributed to the process that led to the manuscript’s eventual publication in Oxford University Press.

The Skytte Manuscript Workshop is an annual scholarly event which provides book manuscript authors with the unique opportunity of two days of concentrated intellectual discussion on the entire manuscript, which is rare in these days of short panel presentations, article writing, and multi-tasking in academia. The next Skytte Manuscript Workshop will take place in Uppsala between September 20 and 21, 2019. The subject of the workshop will be a manuscript entitled Freedom by Force: Why Foreign-Imposed Democracies Succeed or Fail, penned by Jonathan Monten (UCL).