2017-09-03 by Michal Smrek (updated on September 6)

The award ceremony of the 2017 Johan Skytte Prize is quickly approaching. Professor Amartya Sen, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is visiting Uppsala for two days and we have prepared a number of occasions on which the wide public can meet this year’s Skytte Prize laureate.

The first lecture entitled: “Democracy and Social Choice” will take place on September 29 starting at 16:15 and will be held in Brusewitz Hall, Department of Government, Uppsala University. Prof. Sen will hold a talk for 45 minutes which will be followed by a discussion lasting up to 30 minutes. Everyone is welcome to take part in the discussion. This lecture is open to all staff and students based in the Gamla Torget campus. All those who are interested in attending should fill out a compulsory attendance form; click here if you are staff and here if you are student. You will be informed via e-mail whether you have been granted a seat or whether you have been placed on the waiting list a week before the lecture.
The second lecture: “New Dangers for Democracy”, will take place on September 30 starting at 17:30 and will be held in Hall X of the Main University Building. This is the traditional prize winner’s lecture that takes 30 minutes and no questions are entertained. As per custom, the prize winner’s lecture is open to the wide public. The admission is free of charge but the number of seats is limited. This is why, all the guests without a formal invitation are required to complete a compulsory sign up here. You will informed in good time whether you have been granted a seat or whether you have been placed on the waiting list.
An integral part of the prize award ceremony is also wreath laying at the tomb of Johan Skytte at Uppsala Cathedral. This part of the ceremony involves and impressive flag parade organised by various student unions at Uppsala University. The wreath laying ceremony is also open to the wide public and commences at 17:00, September 30 at Uppsala Cathedral.
More detailed descriptions of the two public lectures will be published later so keep watching this space for more information.
Journalists will have a chance to meet Prof. Sen in the early afternoon of September 30. Those who are interested should contact Michal Smrek at michal@skytteprize.com.