The Skytte Foundation is proud to present our new logo, website and Facebook page. The new identity is part of our continuing effort to combine our rich history spanning 4 centuries with modern trends in communication and public relations.
The logo and website were crafted by a talented young team at an Uppsala-based PR company, Matador. The logo contains a lot of symbols related to Johan Skytte, his long-lasting legacy, his home in Uppsala as well as science at large. We leave it up to you to work them all out. When asked about associations the current Johan Skytte Professor in Political Science, Li Bennich-Bj√∂rkman, has when looking at the logo, she responded: “To me the logo symbolises light, warmth and playfulness.”
The new website aims to both pay tribute to what is now 23 Skytte Prize laureates and serve as a rich resources providing information about Johan Skytte and the Foundation he inspired. We very much hope you will come to like the website.
To keep you updated on all fresh news, we have also created a Facebook page for the Prize. Here, we will announce all news related to the Prize winner or notable achievements of former Prize laureates.
In the short future, we will also launch a Twitter account, YouTube channel and a newsletter, keep watching this space for more information. We very much hope these new communication resources will help us reach all those interested in Political Science and connect them to those who offer most valuable contributions to the discipline.
Both the new logo and website will be officially launched during the Prize Award Ceremony on October 1, 2016.