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Nominations for the 2024 Johan Skytte Prize can be submitted via this form until January 22, 2024. If your nomination was submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided in the nomination form. 

The Skytte Prize Committee is entirely dependent on receiving nominations from the wide scholarly community as individual committee members are not allowed to nominate. The time and effort you invest into writing the nomination is highly appreciated.

Nomination Instructions

1. A nomination can be submitted by a scholar or a group of scholars based at any instititution of higher learning (University, research institutions, academy of sciences). We also welcome nominations from doctoral students and practitioners working in the field of political science.

2. The nominations must be written in English and should contain no fewer than 500 words. There is no maximum word count provided that the nomination letter is kept at a reasonable length. In your nomination letter, you are asked to present a coherent argument for why you believe the nominee deserves to be rewarded the Johan Skytte Prize.

3. A nomination should also include a CV and publication list of the nominee included as attachments.

4. Self-nominations and post-humous nominations are not accepted.

5. The nominator can be a single person or a group of individuals. If the latter is the case, we urge you to write a joint nomination that you all sign rather than sending multiple nominations for the same nominee. Please note that joint nominations are treated in the same fashion as single-authored nomination letters.

6. The nominations are confidential and should not be shared with the nominee prior to or after their submission.

7. It is possible to nominate groups but note that joint prizes are rather uncommon. A joint Skytte prize has only been awarded on one occasion.

8. To diversify the pool of laureates, we welcome nominations for female scholars and scholars from the Global South.

9. Nominations from previous years are kept on file and considered every year. Kindly re-submit your nomination only if you make substantial modifications to your motivation letter.

10. The nominations should ideally be submitted electronically through the online form found below. The form works in any browser but work-in-progress cannot be saved in the form. This is why we urge the nominators to prepare the nomination letter in a word-processing programme and copy-paste it into our online form once ready. If a form is submitted correctly you will get a message indicating that this was indeed the case. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address.

Selection Procedure

The laureate is chosen by the board of the Johan Skytte Foundation at the recommendation of the Skytte Prize Committee. The laureate is usually announced in April/May on the pages of the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet.

Nomination Form


Please note a CV and publication list of the nominee is to be emailed to


Thanks for submitting!

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