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2018-08-10 by Michal Smrek

The Skytte Prize Committee is six-strong again! Jan Teorell, Professor of Political Science at Lund University, has accepted to take over the chair left vacant by Jörgen Hermansson. Jan Teorell received his PhD in Political Science from the Department of Government, Uppsala University, in 1998. Between 2004 and 2006, he oversaw the creation of the Quality of Government Dataset at the Quality of Government Institute in Gothenburg. His remarkably wide-spanning research interests include political-science methodology, history and comparative politics, comparative democratization, corruption, and state-making. He has published widely in high-ranking journals, such as Governance, Political Research Quarterly, Party Politics, European Journal of Political Research, American Political Science Review and many more.
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2018-04-24 by Michal Smrek, photos by Tove Hellkvist

On April 23, Department of Government at Uppsala University hosted a festive unveiling ceremony organised by the Skytte Foundation to commemorate all prominent political scientists who have been awarded the Johan Skytte Prize thus far. Their portraits sketched by a talented young Swedish artist, Anna Ritar, will now be decorating one of the student lounges of the Department of Government and encourage young aspiring political scientists to strive for great achievements within the discipline.
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2018-04-19 by Johanna Söderström

Just as spring truly came to Amsterdam, the Skytte Foundation hosted the 7th Johan Skytte Manuscript Workshop, this year held at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS).
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2018-04-14 by Li Bennich-Björkman

As per custom, the winner of the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science is announced on the pages of a Swedish daily newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, penned by the sitting Johan Skytte Professor in Political Science. While the text is usually featured in Swedish, we now offer you an English translation.
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2018-04-07 by Michal Smrek

The Skytte Foundation together with the Department of Government at Uppsala University would like to welcome you all to the ceremonial unveiling of a wall of fame dedicated to Johan Skytte Prize laureates. The wall will feature a portrait of every laureate since the commencement of the prize in 1995. The unveiling will take place at the Department of Government, Uppsala University on April 23, 2018.
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2018-04-05 by Michal Smrek

Jane Mansbridge, Charles F. Adams Professor in Political Leadership and Democratic Values at Harvard University, is awarded the 2018 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science. Professor Mansbridge wins the prize for “having shaped our understanding of democracy in its direct and representative forms, with incisiveness, deep commitment and feminist theoy.” The prize conferred by the Skytte Foundation will be ceremonially awarded on September 29, 2018.
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2018-02-17 by Michal Smrek

The Skytte Prize Committee met at the Department of Comparative Politics (Bergen University) on February 16, 2018 to discuss the shortlist of nominees for the 2018 Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science and choose their preferred candidate. The selected scholar will be presented to the board of the Skytte Foundation, which confers the Prize, in March. The Prize announcement will be published in early April in Svenska Dagbladet as per custom.
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2017-10-02 by Michal Smrek

This weekend saw the awarding of the 23rd Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, a prize that is deemed a Political Science equivalent of the Nobel Prizes. The prize is inspired by the legacy of Johan Skytte, Swedish nobleman and educator, who in 1622 founded what is now the oldest professorship in Political Science. This year’s Prize was awarded to Professor Amartya Sen for his lifelong achievement that “combines insights into human vulnerability with knowledge about the potential of democratic political power to redress and relieve this deprivation.” The prize was awarded in a traditional Prize Award Ceremony held in Uppsala on September 30, 2017. Professor Sen has decided to donate the awarded 500.000 Swedish crowns to the Pratichi Trust in India and Bangladesh that he established to promote education and health care for girls.
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2017-09-06 by Michal Smrek

This year’s Johan Skytte Prize laureate, Harvard professor Amartya Sen, will visit the prestigious Rosendal’s high school (Rosendalsgymnasiet) during his stay in Uppsala. Some of the pupils are enrolled in a programme geared towards global issues and sustainable development. An integral part of the curriculum is a field study in developing countries which results in a final report which the pupils need to defend. Most of the pupils use Amartya’s theoretical work in their final projects.

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2017-09-03 by Michal Smrek (updated on September 6)

The award ceremony of the 2017 Johan Skytte Prize is quickly approaching. Professor Amartya Sen, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is visiting Uppsala for two days and we have prepared a number of occasions on which the wide public can meet this year’s Skytte Prize laureate.

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