2019-02-06 by Michal Smrek

The Skytte Foundation hereby announces a call for applicants for the 2019 Skytte Manuscript Workshop. The Skytte Manuscript Workshop provides the unique opportunity of two days of concentrated intellectual discussion on an entire book manuscript, which is rare in these days of short panel presentations, article-writing, and multi-tasking in academia. The two-day workshop will be held at the Department of Government, Uppsala University in the autumn of 2019. The exact date will be agreed upon with the chosen applicant.

For the workshop to be as constructive as possible, for both the author(s) and the participants, the book manuscript has to be presented in its entirety. It is thus not possible to apply for manuscripts which are “on their way”, or half done. The Foundation’s experience over the years is that even though a full-length manuscript is in place, the input, thoughts, and discussions occurring during the workshop have provided author(s) with many new ideas for significant improvements and changes.
Each applicant needs to find a researcher based at the Department of Government, Uppsala University, who is willing to act as an academic coordinator for the workshop. It is desirable that the designated coordinator’s research interests match the content of the manuscript. The academic coordinator together with the author(s) of the manuscript will then prepare a list of attendees comprising researchers from the Department of Government as well as international experts from within the field of the manuscript. These will then be invited to Uppsala and their flights, accommodation and meals will be provided for. The event will also be attended by two doctoral students from the Department of Government who will serve as note-takers during the workshop. All the participants must attend all the sessions of the workshop.
All interested applicants must fill out the application form below and must enclose their CV(s), publication list, a short abstract of the manuscript (300 words), as well as a more elaborate description where all the chapters are briefly summarised (1000 words). The applicant must also indicate the name of the researcher at the Department of Government, Uppsala University, who agreed to act as academic coordinator for the event. Both the author(s) of the manuscript as well as the academic coordinator must hold a PhD degree in political science or a related discipline.
The Skytte Foundation has set aside 50.000 SEK for the workshop. The application period will close on March 15, 2019. The successful applicant(s) will be contacted in early April.
For more information about the workshop as well as past attendees, please consult main page (scroll down). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the administrative coordinator of the workshop Michal Smrek at michal.smrek@statsvet.uu.se.


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